Monday, 2 January 2017

Top 5 valuable reasons to sign up for our Newsletter

Let's face it. No one likes getting a blast of emails, especially emails that don't apply to us. The worst is when they overload our email accounts every day or multiple times throughout the day. I mean, unless you're a true follower of that email account, you're most likely going to unsubscribe.

Here's how we plan to make our Newsletter pleasant saving your sanity and wallet. We have 5 top valuable reasons which make our Newsletter worth subscribing to.

1. Amazing Deals

Every month, we're going to have a new promotion. Whether it's a discount, FREE shipping, FREE product or a special gift when purchasing, all our promotions will be exclusive to our subscribers. 

Missed this month's newsletter? Don't worry, when you subscribe, we give you the promo code for that month once you confirm your subscription. 

Don't sign up too late in the month, the offers are only valid for one month until the next month offer kicks in. 

2. New Product Releases

Every so often a new Ball Hockey product releases into the market. Being a main retailer for Ball Hockey products, we're the first to know of any major releases. We'll be using the Newsletter to share all the new releases and if you're subscribed, you'll be one of the first to know. 

3. Major Ball Events

CBHA NationalsHaving a strong tie with the CBHA and some of the provincial associations such as OBHF and BCBHA, we will announce major tournaments that are happening. We'll also be promoting certain local leagues that reach out to us such as Ball Hockey International

If you're a league that is looking to announce a Ball Hockey event and would like it listed in our newsletter, please contact us and we'll add you. 

4. Short and Sweet

We aren't going to send you long boring emails. No one likes to read. That's why we'll send you pictures!!! Everyone loves pictures!!! Of course we'll have some information but we won't bore you with unnecessary writing. So if you're not a fan of reading long emails, don't worry, you'll love our pictures. :) 

5. Only 1 to 2 Emails per Month

No countless emails flooding your inbox. You will only hear from us once a month so that you can get your monthly promo code and news on any new/upcoming events and products that will enhance your game. 

The only time we'll send an additional email is for an important announcement. And by important, we mean really important. Like Jaromir Jagr playing Ball Hockey at a charity event important. 

Basically you'll get one email per month with your goodies and no more than 2 emails if we have to make an announcement. 

Become a Member of

Basically by signing up, it helps us better inform you of all our cool deals and ball hockey events happening near you. At any time if you have any questions, you can always reply to the newsletter directly. 

When you sign up, we consider you a member of getting exclusive access to our deals. Pretty sweet huh? Become a member today and you'll get this month's promo. 

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