Monday, 5 December 2016

The NEW LA6 Ball Hockey Shin Pads

It's a fact that Ball Hockey players would rather have quality shin pads before any other piece of equipment. The reason is not because of the level of sensitivity, but more so the likelihood of where you would be hit. Not saying it doesn't happen anywhere else and it should be left unprotected but what we're saying is that your shins are the most vulnerable. Whether you're playing competitive or recreational, you will still get those nasty hacks to the shins. If you're playing defense, would you rather be blocking shots with your shins or with protective pads?

Those of you that prefer no pads and to take the brunt of it all, when you're tired of having cuts and bruises, give us a call. For the majority that value their shins, we understand that you also value quality. LA Sport is a company that understands quality.

They wanted to create shin pads that met top quality standards which introduces the new LA6 Shinguards, the newest Ball Hockey shin pads in today's market.
  • Extremely light
  • Durable and flexible
  • Lined with breathable vented mesh
  • Double strapping system to prevent the pads from rotating
  • Strapping velcro on the front of pads to add more product lifetime
These pads value at $64.99 however to launch their new Ball Hockey shin pads, they are on sale for a limited time only at $54.99. 

Don't forget, we offer FREE Shipping on ALL returns and exchanges (view return/exchange policy) so if you're not sure about sizing, it won't cost you extra if you need to make an exchange. If you want to know how to size shin pads, then check out our sizing blog HERE

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