Friday, 3 February 2017

Jerseys of Champions

Are you looking for a new set of team jerseys? Do you find your jerseys are too heavy? Don't tell us you're still wearing cotton T-Shirts with an iron on logo. is an official Rep for, where we take pride in quality and service. Our jerseys are sublimated on a polyester rice mesh fabric which allows the jersey to be extremely light and breathable. We know how hot it can get in the summer so having a jersey that is both light and breathable can surely be a game changer. Since the jerseys are able to breathe, it also makes it easier to dry so that way if you're playing in a tournament or multiple games in one weekend, you can easily dry your jersey between games. 

What is Sublimation?

If you're not familiar with the term sublimation, it is the process in which a dye is printed on transfer paper then placed in a commercial heat press along with the fabric, the heat from the press opens the pores of the fabric and the dye is transferred in a gaseous state into the pores. Once the fabric is removed from the press and cools down, the pores close and the dye is permanently embedded in the fabric. It will never fade and never wash out. 

To ensure quality fabric, manufactures it's own fabric in their warehouse in Laval, Qu├ębec so it is 100% Canadian made. 

How to order Sublimated Jerseys?

We keep it very simple. Here's what you need to speed up the process. 
  1. Logo in vector format (ai or eps), can provide custom logos and create a vector of your logo for an extra fee of $60
  2. Colour scheme and/or jersey design, can provide a custom design from your colour scheme or you can choose/provide existing templates
  3. Jersey names, sizes, and numbers using the charts below. 

Once you have those 3 pieces of information, you can contact us directly at where we can provide you with an official quote and set you up. 

Here are the next steps once you contact us. 
  1. We provide you with a quote
  2. To start the process, we will need a 50% deposit
  3. You are provided with up to 2 mock ups, any additional changes are a $50 fee. 
  4. Once mock up is approved, the order is sent to printing which taks 3-4 weeks. 
    1. Order is placed in queue for printing
    2. Transfer paper is printed with patterns
    3. Transfer paper is then placed in commercial heat press with fabric where dye is transferred to fabric
    4. Once fabric is printed, the fabric is cut into patterns
    5. The patterns are then sewn together completing your jersey order
  5. Once the order is complete, we'll send you a notification in which the remaining 50% will be due
  6. You present your jerseys to your team and play comfortably while looking sharp. ;) 

Below is some of our customers who have sent us their team pics, including some championships. 

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