Monday, 22 February 2016

Ball Hockey Shin Pads

What is it that we're looking for in Ball Hockey shin pads? Protection obviously, comfort, knee manoeuvrability, lightness, breathable, easy to adjust, and of course style. 

Let's start with protection. The Knapper AK5 shin pads (used to be the Mylec MK5) have a flexible yet durable plastic that has been tested in batting cages. They went through several prototypes to find the perfect strength that can retain its flexibility. 

The wrap system allows the straps to wrap around your leg and the pad itself giving a you snug fit. The grip pad on the inner portion of the shin prevents the pad from sliding around. The wrap system also prevents any chances of buckles breaking which means less clear tape is needed. There is a decent layer of foam padding giving you optimal comfort. The knee guard can be adjusted for higher knee/thigh protection as well as the ankle protector which can be tied directly on to your shoes to further prevent sliding. Both can be removed completely. 



You'll notice that the knee portion is separate from the shin connected by padding. This allows the knee a full 90 degree flex. 

The pads are made of a very light plastic material. Some players don't even notice the shin pads because they're so light. There's perforated holes on the shin area to allow the pads to be more breathable. 

If you're not sure what size of shin pad you should bet getting, the rule of thumb is to measure from the top of your ankle to middle of your knee. That will give you a good idea of what you're looking for. 

For only $59.99, you can own a high end pair of Ball Hockey shin pads that will not only provide you the protection you need, but the comfort and style you're looking for. You can order through or by clicking the shop now button. 

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