Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Why Defenders are going to Love the New Padded Shorts

We've all had our share of bruises. Regardless what position you play, at some point you have taken a shot from that harmless looking ball. Most complaints about Ball Hockey are the broken toes, charlie horses, and bruised faces from shots of the ball.

Now why don't we just play with a softer ball? Well that would ruin the game simply because the ball would stick which would conflict with our ability for dekes and trick passes. It would also cause more curves during heavy point shots making them more unpredictable for players to avoid.

The other option is to stop blocking shots but let's face it, when you're determined to win, you'll take the pain and give your goalie a break. After all, he/she's wearing all that gear and stopping roughly 60 shots a game, the least you can do is help him/her stop a few. As much as we complain, we still do it because that's the game.

What if you could still block shots but reduce the pain? Is that worth trying out? Why not? If there could be a type of clothing you could wear that isn't bulky, that allows you to have the same manoeuvrability, and protect you while blocking shots, then why not give it a try.

Knapper Protective Wear

Lucky for us, Knapper was able to come up with some protective wear that answers just that. Introducing the new Engineer Protection Shorts and Shirts, you can now play comfortably while staying protected.

Breathable, lightweight and fully adjustable, you will be able to keep all the range of motion you need to make your plays. The padding is positioned in all the critical areas.


We do not have sizing or padded shorts for women as of yet however the cup is removable and can be replaced with a Pelvic Protector. For women, we recommend getting the shorts one size lower. 

For only $59.99, you can have that much needed protection. Available this February, you can now pre-order your own pair and have it sent to you as soon as they release. 

Knapper Ball Hockey Shoes

For those of you still suffering the woes of having broken toes, we suggest the Knapper AK shoes that will be available this February. Our feet are vulnerable to slashes and slap shots. It's inevitable! We could wear steal toed shoes but that would be unnecessary weight for running. 

Most of us are wearing court shoes for grip. Grip is essential in ball hockey but how's the durability and protection? 

Knapper provides grip, durability, AND protection with their AK shoes. Each shoe provides a different level of protection. The shoes are fairly light, a bit heavier than a court shoe but if you're looking for protection, you'll have to sacrifice a bit of that lightness. That's why court shoes are so light, because there is absolutely NO protection. 

You can check out our shoes HERE or by clicking on the images below. 

AK7 Ball Hockey Shoes

AK5 Ball Hockey Shoes


AK5 Women's Ball Hockey Shoes

AK3 Junior Ball Hockey Shoes

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