Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Knapper Ball Hockey Shin Pads, the player's choice.


Why Knapper Shin Pads?

A lot of our fellow Ball Hockey players want to know why we recommend Knapper Shin Pads. Here's what we tell them.

Knapper has taken Ball Hockey shin pads to the next level. They have taken them to the batting cages to test durability so that you can resist those hacks to the shin or blocked shots. These shin pads come with a lighter feel to them. The strapping system wraps around your entire shin and the pad to give a snug fit. Not just that, you'll no longer need clear tape to hold your shin pad to your leg.

There is a grip pad on the inner lining which prevents the shin pad from sliding around. The small holes running parallel to the strapping provide breathing for your shins. The most popular review we get is how light and comfortable they feel.

What kind of players are wearing Knapper Shin Pads?

Jake Archambault
- Ontario Selects National Team
- Tier 3, St. Catharine's Punishers
- Tier 1, Niagara Monarchs
- Tier 1, Niagara Rebels

- Selected to represent UK in the 2016 U20 World Ball Hockey Championship in Sheffield, UK. 

Twitter: @Toedrag94 
Instagram and SnapChat: Toedrag94

One of our favourite players to watch is Jake Archambault, also known as Jake Toedrag Archambault. Jake is a skilled Ball Hockey player that is known for his passion and his famous toe drag. 

When Jake is looking for Ball Hockey equipment, he makes sure to get the best so that he can play at his level. We were lucky enough to meet Jake during the Christmas break at a Ball Hockey tournament in St. Catharine's. He tried some of our gear including the Knapper Ball Hockey shin pads and was very impressed. 

He is now a proud owner and continues to play with the Knapper pads. 

Get yours today at Ballhockeygear.ca

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