Monday, 4 January 2016

A New Ball Hockey Brand - Knapper

A New Brand Emerges

As ball hockey continues to grow in North America, players are searching for ways to enhance their game with better protection that enables more mobility. They're looking for quality but also fair pricing. They're all familiar with ball hockey brands such as Mylec, D-Gel, and Powertek. Now a new brand emerges offering what players are looking for. Ball Hockey Equipment specifically designed for Ball Hockey and cutting edge technology to compete with the existing brands. 

With Alex Burrows' stamp of approval, Knapper makes its first steps into the world of Ball Hockey. They have designed everything including Ball Hockey Shoes, Gloves, Shin Pads, Sticks, and more. This Fall we introduced their new AK5 Shin Pads which were top sellers. In fact, we are almost out of the black ones until March. We have also introduced their new Ball Hockey Sticks that are Carbon/Fiberglass with ABS inserts to prevent blades from splitting and wearing down. 


Upcoming this Winter

Knapper will have some new products releasing this March and we're now accepting pre-orders. Below is a list of the new releases and each image links directly to the product page. 


AK9 Mid Ball Hockey Shoe

This shoe is designed to meet the highest requirement of sports. PTF (Personalised Toe Form) technology provides superior protection at the forefoot area. The rubber outsole provides optimal traction on different surfaces such as Slab, Dek, and gym floorings. Its unique tread will help disperse water when playing in wet conditions. The mid cut will give you additional ankle support.

AK7 Ball Hockey Shoe

Very similar to the AK9, this shoe has a lower cut for those that aren't a fan of the Mid Cut shoes. Both the AK9 and AK7 come with the Personalised Toe Form which is an advanced latex foam which covers the entire toe area and protects the top of the foot while providing cushioning and support for the big toe during deceleration and directional changes.

There's a removable flab that provides an extra layer of thick foam padding for superior protection on the top of the foot. The AK7s however are available in 3 different colours.


AK5 Ball Hockey Shoe

Next we have is the AK5 shoes which have the same tread on the sole as the AK9s and AK7s however these shoes have a little less protection such as the removable flap. They're also available in Women sizes for the Black and Pink. 




AK3 Ball Hockey Glove

Designed to satisfy every level of player. This glove will give you good overall protection.

AK5 Ball Hockey Glove

A great all over glove designed for the sport. Superb comfort, combined with protection that will satisfy all your requirements. Available in 6 different colours. 



AK7 Ball Hockey Glove

First glove designed exclusively for ball hockey. Slash guard technology will protect your thumb against slashing. It is smaller and lighter than a hockey glove but offers the same protection. You'll also notice the wrists are CBHA Standards. 



Protective Apparel:

Protective Shirt

This shirt is perfect for the player who is seeking just enough protection in all critical areas. It is breathable, light weight, and fully adjustable. You will still keep all the range of motion you need to make your plays. 

Protective Shorts

Strictly designed for the needs of a ball hockey player. Full protection throughout an integrated cup and padding on the critical areas. Engineered for superior comfort and breathability during vigorous game play and running. 


Looking for a hockey bag that is easy to carry and strictly for your ball hockey gear? Knapper has that too with their carry on back pack and sports bag. 


As you can see, Knapper has a wide range of ball hockey equipment that will be available just in time for the Spring season. We will be receiving the amazing products in March 2016, only a few months away so make your pre-order today at

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