Thursday, 11 August 2016

AK5 Gloves Vs. AK7 Gloves

Hey guys,

A common question we keep getting is what makes the Knapper AK7 Gloves much better than the AK5 Gloves?

Well let's start with the similarities.

  • The gloves are designed with a lacrosse style to them to give you more flexibility. Having that extra flex in the fingers not only allows for better stick-handling, but it also makes it easier to catch the ball. We all know how much that ball can bounce on a hard pass so having some mobility in our fingers will be more beneficial than using an ice hockey gloves. 

  • The palm is reinforced with some additional grip for your stick. Having the reinforced palm will give you more durability. 
  • Both gloves are extremely light. They are much lighter and less bulky than an ice hockey glove giving you a great feel for the ball but with enough protection so you can focus on your game. 
  • CBHA Approved, these gloves are allowed for CBHA Nationals and events. 

What separates them?
  • The AK7 has a split cuff providing more flexibility in the wrist for when you're stick-handling or making a wrist shot. The AK5 has a basic cuff. 
  • The added thumb protection protects you when someone is trying to lift your stick or trying to whack your stick. Similar to an ice hockey thumb, you still maintain the flexibility required in your fingers but keep the protection you need on your thumb. 
  • The next best thing is the Slash Guard. How many times do you feel that slash on top of your hand? It's aggravating but at here's an excellent way to get some added protection while maintaining a light and flexible glove.  

The gloves are available in different colours. You can check them out on our site,

If you're looking for a bare minimum glove.because you don't like wearing gloves but are required by the league, then we recommend the AK3 Gloves or the D-Gel Vibes
We understand that shopping online can be a concern especially when it comes to sizing. That is why we offer a 30 day return/exchange policy. All that we ask is that you don't wear the products in a game and that you return them in their original packaging. 

Best part is, you don't have to pay shipping to return or exchange them. We'll cover that for you. Just email us at with your order number and the size that you would like to exchange for and we'll email you a packing slip that you can print out. It's that easy.

We got our Summer Blowout Sale going on until end of August but only while supplies last. Sizing is limited until September so don't wait. Suit up in time for the Fall Season. 

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