Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Ballhockeygear.ca Closing

Yes the rumours are true.

Ballhockeygear.ca will be closing. Our original close date was August 1st however we pushed that back to August 15th to give you a chance to make any last minute orders before the Fall season. It was a tough decision to close down the site. For the last 3 years, Ballhockeygear.ca has been providing players with a place to get their gear that was easy and had variety. As it continued to grow, so did the woes of running a business which being in a niche market, started to become very challenging.

For customers that have ordered Sublimated Jerseys through us, I will still be the Ontario Rep for LASport.ca so your accounts will continue to remain active. For those interested in jerseys, we do provide sublimation for ALL sports and now is the perfect time to order if you're looking for jerseys in the Fall. For more information, you can reach me at riel@lasport.ca or by phone at 613-452-0734.

All our products are currently drop shipped so there will be no Closing Sale. Select products will have a discount however most items will remain at regular price until the closing date, August 15th. We will still be accepting exchanges however we will NOT be accepting returns. We are still offering the Canada 150 promo which is free shipping for orders $150 and more.

This will be your last chance to order the gear through Ballhockeygear.ca. Most stores do not carry Ball Hockey Gear so if you don't have a store available near you, August 15th is the last day.

I would like to thank our customers that have been loyal, patient, encouraging, and supportive. Without you, we would never have existed. You guys rock and if you need gear after August 15th, let me know and I'll see if I know anyone who's carrying it.

Thank you everyone! Keep the sport growing!

Riel Ouimet


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