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Top 5 Reasons for using Sublimated Wear

Sublimation Wear is quickly expanding into all sports and there are many reasons why.
The biggest question now is how to find the right company and if you’re making the right choice. (If you want to know more about sublimation, click here)

1. Made 100% in Canada

A lot of companies will claim that their products are made in Canada or that they’re a local vendor. In a sense, they are since the sublimation wear is printed, cut, and sewn together here in Canada. Is it made 100% in Canada? That’s hard to say. Most companies order their fabric from outside the country (China, for example, cheap quality). 

At LA Sport, we not only make the product, we manufacture our own fabric. As a Canadian company, we can truly say our product is 100% Canadian made. Since we manufacture our own fabric, this allows us to have better turnaround times and reliable service. 

2. Timing

Of course if you’re paying for high quality sublimation wear, you want them as quick as possible. For team captains, we understand the hassles of trying to get the team fees in order which is why most of the time you’re only able to order several weeks prior to your first game. 

The average turnaround time for sublimation wear is 5-6 weeks. You’re looking at a month and a half wait time so you now have to make sure you collect your team fees well in advance or else you’ll be wearing your old gear for the start of the season. What makes it worse is that if a printer breaks down, you could be adding another 1-3 weeks to your order. Always double check if the company you are going with has enough printers. Pricing might be better but you could potentially be looking at a longer wait time. 

Did you know LA Sport has 6 big printers? That means we can boost the turnaround time to 3-4 weeks and if a printer breaks down, we still make the timing. 

3. Quality

The jerseys provided through LA Sport are made of high end fabric which enables the jerseys to be light and breathable. They’re practically the same as having performance shirts however you can customize the look. 

Teams are starting to realize that you can get the same sharp design without having to sew on extra patches or risk having your numbers peel off during the game. With sublimation, the look doesn’t fade or wash away, it doesn’t peel away and you keep the same crisp look you had from when you first got them. 

4. Service

The quality of product will last you a while so you will want to make sure that you’re getting everything you want from the beginning. LA Sport strives to achieve high end customer service. We have Reps in Québec and Ontario that are more than willing to show you samples of the many products we carry. They are also there to help you put together your orders while guiding you through the process. 

When you call our customer service line, you’ll be amazed how friendly the service is. In fact, our customer service representatives have a tendency to go out of their way to meet your needs. They understand the value of your order and will make sure you are completely satisfied. 

5. Pricing

Depending on the product you are looking for, pricing can vary but here’s something to keep in mind when you are comparing. You pay for what you get. The cheapest price may not be the best quality. There could potentially be underlying issues that you’re not aware of and they could also have a long turnaround time if they’re offering the lowest price. 

A lot of oversea companies can also provide cheap options however you’re looking at longer wait times, unreliable service, poor quality, and the risk of dealing with a company outside of Canada. Is it really worth saving the extra dollars and risking being disappointed? 

With LA Sport, the service is guaranteed, the quality is guaranteed, we have one of the best turnaround times and our pricing is extremely competitive. We handle small team orders as well as leagues, associations, and businesses. 

Speak with one of our representatives today to get your new look.


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