Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Using BladeTape for Ball Hockey

BladeTape is not your ordinary hockey tape. In fact, it's better than your ordinary hockey tape. BladeTape will provide you with more grip and better control in your play. It has grown more popular in the world of ice hockey and it's starting to make its way into ball hockey and roller hockey. It's the new alternative to taping your stick.
Rubber better than Cloth Tape
Cloth tape has always been the number one use in hockey whereas in ball hockey, some players don't even use tape since it adds friction to their blades against the hard surfaces. Cloth tape can provide protection and added grip however a single strip does not protect your blade and the grip is very limited. The tape also collects dust and dirt.  
BladeTape has created rubber tape with a raised cross pattern. The rubber gives you more grip and more protection to your blade. This also prevents dust from building up on your tape. Traditional tape in ball hockey is known to accumulate dust and dirt causing the ball to "slip" off your blade. 

Another feature is that you'll be able to save time from taping your stick. The tape comes in the shape of a blade so all that's required is to peel, stick and play. No more having to spend time taping your stick before the game and it lasts up to 15 games or more. For ball hockey, it has a tendency to last much longer than 15 games since the impact of the ball is much less than a puck. 

Recommended with Frontier Blades
As mentioned in our previous post on ABS Blades, which you can view HERE, BladeTape is an exceptional partner with the Frontier ABS Blades or any ABS Blade in that matter. The reason why is because BladeTape does not cover the bottom of the stick, allowing you to have 0 friction on the surface you're playing on. Unfortunately if you're using a composite blade, you won't be able to protect the bottom from splitting. That is why we recommend using ABS Blades to give you that on-ice frictionless feeling and BladeTape will give you better grip and control in your handling.

Change your game today by switching to ABS Blades and BladeTape. You will not be disappointed.

 Frontier ABS Blades      BladeTape

NHL/AHL Teams Available!!!

BladeTape is available in various colours but is also available in NHL and AHL teams. We currently only have the Canadian teams on our site however we can order all teams. If you'd like a team we don't have on our site, you can email us at info@ballhockeygear.ca to make a request. Now you can play using your favourite hockey team. 
   Ottawa Senators BladeTape   Toronto Maple Leafs BladeTape   
    Montreal Canadiens BladeTape    Edmonton Oilers BladeTape   
 Calgary Flames BladeTape    Vancouver Canucks BladeTape
 Winnipeg Jets Blade Tape

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